• Pet leash and collars

    Your dog loves to walk, but do you love walking your dog? If you are finding yourself being dragged around by your curious canine, tied up in leash knots, it’s probably time to start dog leash training. It may come as a surprise to first time pup parents, but dogs don’t naturally havedog leashskills. Leash skills must be taught, and the skill doesn’t always come easily.

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  • Pet holiday bowls, holidays, cat shaped, dog , cat

    Holiday shopping

    Holiday Shopping. Pet feeders, plush toys,leashes,treats,condos,jewlery,Holiday sweaters and more

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  • Dog Car Seat

    Pet Carriers and strollers

    Keep your pet safe with our various pet car seats and seat belt. do you love to take a long walk with your pup but they cant keep up? order your pet a stroller that fits you. keep your pet comfy and safe !

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  • Pet tags

    Pet Tags

    Even the most loving and protective of pet parents can find themselves putting up lost dog posters. Whether playful pups wriggle out of their collar, or dig a hole under the fencing, pets go missing every day. If it happens to you, help your pet make her way back to you with apersonalized dog ID tag. Your four-legged friend is irreplaceable, and pet ID tags help others identify and return your cuddly companion safely to you. Remember to leave important contact information on your pup's ID tag for easy identification with pet id tags you can personalize.

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  • dog clothes


    Some dogs do like wearing clothes, but every dog is different. Dogs with thicker coats may overheat in clothing, and others may simply find it unpleasant. Some dogs do enjoy wearing clothing, though, and it can be a nice way to warm your pup up in cooler temperatures. Acclimate your canine to wearing clothing gradually, and watch for any signs of distress or discomfort. Be sure not to leave your dog unattended while wearing clothing, especially if he is still getting used to wearing it.

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  • child backpack

    Kids world

    Browse our kid sections. order your son daughter grandchild a fun plush toy, books,puzzles,and more. we carrier so many different options for your little one

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  • Cat  condos

    Cat condos and scratchers

    Find the perfect cat tower to keep your cat busy

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  • paw earrings

    Metta Jewelry

    Simply metta shop have the cuties pieces

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When you’re a furry family member, every day is a paw-ty!

once a month King gets a new toy from simply metta pet shop!

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Pet carries and Travel bags

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Gorgeous beaded Jewls

Take a look inside our general item to find things such as gorgeous beaded jewelry ,Glasses in style, Make up ,Car supplies and more

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Dog puzzles and fun

Keep your dog busy with our Fully loaded snuffle blackets!

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Simply Metta Pet Shop

We have everything you need for your pet at amazing prices, every day. Explore everyday pet items including dog beds, feeding bowls, leashes and harnesses .All from the comfort of home. Happy customers are always our #1 priority,

  • Cat feather and ball toy

    Kepp your cat active with this fun toy. watch as she chase the ball over and over and tussel with the feather!

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  • Dog bone Holiday chew toy

    Super cute stocking stuffers. order your dog a few of this holiday Bone chew toys

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  • Dog Ball catch and play.

    Aroud the house ball chase or outside catch and play ! either way your dog will enjoy our play balls

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  • Cat Scratch Post!

    Order a Cat Scratch post to keep your cat nail low and keep her entertained!

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  • Holiday pet clothes

    Holidays is coming near and we all love to shop and get into the spirit of things. Simply metta pet shop have great holiday sweaters and more.

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  • Muffle Pet Mat

    Fill this mat with hidden pet treats and let your pet enjoy the puzzle!. very interactive pet treat feeder mat

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